7 Money Links We Love: Why Recruiters Care More About the Future You

7 Money Links We Love: Why Recruiters Care More About the Future You

We’ve scoured the web to bring you our favorite and most useful money-related articles. We read everything, so you don’t have to!

If your boss is the type who's hard to pin down, you may need to adjust your work style to be more in line with hers. Here's how to successfully navigate a relationship with an MIA manager. How to Deal with a "Drive-By" Manager That's Never Around — Lifehacker

When it comes to banking, bigger isn't necessarily better: A new survey finds Americans are generally more satisfied with smaller, community banks than they are with big-name institutions. America Voted: This Is the Bank We Dislike Most — MarketWatch

If you feel stuck in a paycheck-to-paycheck rut, you're not alone: Americans are more concerned about their ability to pay the bills than they are with getting out of debt or saving. Americans' Top Financial Priority Remains Catching Up on Bills — CNBC

Over the next six years, women stand to gain a lot more wealth—to the tune of $22 trillion in assets—partially because they’re outpacing men in the workplace. Is the glass ceiling really shattering? $22 Trillion in Assets Will Shift to Women by 2020: Why Men Need to Watch Out — MainStreet

Put your heart into managing your money: New research finds those with low credit scores are at significantly higher risk for cardiovascular disease. Bad Credit Linked to Higher Heart Attack Risk — NBC

Heading into an important job interview? Research suggests decision makers are most enthralled by the "next big thing"—so play up your future more than your past. Why Your Potential Matters More Than Your Accomplishments — Psychology Today

Not in the mood for holiday shopping? That's what you think. Here are the tricky things retailers do—like installing soft carpeting and playing slow music—to get you to open your wallets. Mannequin Eye Contact and 7 Other Ways Retailers Get Us to Spend More — Kiplinger

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Buying gifts doesn’t have to bust your year-end budget. Here’s a savings strategy that can help you cover those holiday expenses. 'Tis the Season for Spending: 5 Ways a Holiday Savings Account Can Help Save Your Budget

Tackle these crucial financial to-dos—like boosting your retirement contributions and signing up for the appropriate insurance—before you hit the big 5-0. 5 Money Moves You Should Consider Making in Your 40s

A CFP® offers the lowdown on how big of a cash cushion you should maintain so you don't sap your bank balance down to zero. Ask a CFP: 'How Much Money Should I Keep in My Checking Account?'

After Cassandra lost her job, she ended up relying on the rainy day fund she’d been wise enough to build up in the years preceding. Money Mic: How a $12K Emergency Fund Saved Me When I Got a Pink Slip

If you’re in the market for new digs but don’t know where to start, this step-by-step checklist will help you forge fearlessly into the process of home-buying. Checklist: I’m Ready for a Home! 9 Steps to Stress-Free Home-Buying

Don’t just rely on generational stereotypes to tell the whole money story. We’ve broken down the major differences in the way each age group approaches their finances. Talking ‘Bout My Generation: The Real Financial Deal for Gen X, Y and Z


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