7 Money Links We Love: Why Millennials Are in Savings Crisis Mode

7 Money Links We Love: Why Millennials Are in Savings Crisis Mode

We’ve scoured the web to bring you our favorite and most useful money-related articles. We read everything, so you don’t have to!

Women who hold top managerial positions didn't get there because of their fancy educations. Instead, a new study finds they were willing to spend years climbing their company's corporate ladder. Research: How Female C.E.O.s Actually Get to the Top — Harvard Business Review

November 28 isn’t necessarily the best day for deals this year. In fact, for these four categories, you're better off forgetting about Black Friday shopping altogether. The 4 Best Days for Holiday Shopping — MarketWatch

Do you grimace at the thought of “networking”? Then use these tips, like schmoozing with colleagues in different departments, to make lasting professional connections. Beyond Event Hopping: How to Step Up Your Professional Networking — Lifehacker

Credit card companies are showing more lenience to tardy customers: A new report finds late fees are getting smaller, and fewer card issuers are charging penalties at all. Credit Card Companies Are Charging Less for Late Payments — The Huffington Post

In the wake of the recession, millions of Americans have put off marriage and parenting until they’re more financially stable. Will the economic recovery spur a return to traditional family values? What the Economy Has Done to the Family — Bloomberg

Burdened by student loans and credit card debt, Millennials are currently saving at a rate of negative 2%, putting milestones like homeownership and retirement even farther out of reach. Younger Generation Faces a Savings Deficit — The Wall Street Journal

Thanks, boss! Research finds small workplace wins—like receiving a compliment from a manager—are just as meaningful as a big raise or promotion. What Professionals Really Care About at Work: Small Victories — LinkedIn

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Contemplating a big career shift, Meghan realized she’d never really tried organizing her finances. Here’s what happened when she finally took a stab at budgeting. My Name is Meghan and I've Never Kept a Budget: How I Got My Financial Act Together at 35

“Work-life balance” is so last decade. This simple drawing exercise will show you a new way to effectively integrate your personal and professional responsibilities. Power Hack of the Week: The Secret to Succeeding at Work-Life Integration

Don’t fall into the credit companies’ traps! We dug into the fine print to figure out how to really reap the benefits of rewards programs. 7 Things You've Always Wanted to Know About Credit Card Rewards

Paul and Betsie were so caught up in paying off their student loans that they weren’t making progress toward other financial goals, like saving for retirement. We tapped one of our CFPs to help them revamp their budgeting strategy. Hack My Budget: How Can I Trim $800 From My Monthly Spending?

A serial entrepreneur shares her wisdom on everything from networking to accepting criticism, so you have the tools to take your career to the next level. Confessions of an Entrepreneur: The Career Moves That Get You Noticed

Budgeting doesn’t have to the bane of your existence. Our simple money-management strategy will make it a whole lot easier to keep track of your cash. Keep It Simple! The One-Number Strategy to Budgeting


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