7 Money Links We Love: Credit Card Fraud Trumps Terrorism Fears in the U.S.

7 Money Links We Love: Credit Card Fraud Trumps Terrorism Fears in the U.S.

We’ve scoured the web to bring you our favorite and most useful money-related articles. We read everything, so you don’t have to!

From picking the right time to shut off your utilities to shipping your stuff, here’s how to move homes without busting your budget. Moving on a Tight Budget: Seven Ways to Save a Ton of Money — Lifehacker

Air carriers continue to find new ways to nickel and dime fliers. Fee revenue is expected to hit almost $50 billion this year—a whopping 17% increase over last year. Airline Fee Revenue To Hit Record $49.9B, Study Says — NBC

A third of home-buyers are still paying in all cash, but one of the best perks—a hefty discount off the sale price—is starting to disappear. Why one expert thinks it's a sign of another housing bubble. Housing Bubble Watch? Discounts for All-Cash Buyers Drying Up — MarketWatch

Just 21% of employees in one report say they feel strongly valued at work—and a substantial number are currently interviewing for other positions. Why Do Workers Feel So Unhappy? — The Atlantic

Though many women seek financial guidance, a survey finds they’re confused about which resources are reliable. More Women Want Financial Advice, But Two-Thirds Don’t Know Whom to Trust — MainStreet

If you’re more freaked out about having your credit card hacked than being a victim of a terrorist attack, you’re hardly alone. But are we doing enough to prevent digital fraud? Americans Are More Afraid of Credit Card Fraud Than Terrorism — Credit.com

Jolly news for job-seekers: A new report finds the U.S. economy added 230,000 jobs in October, far exceeding economists' expectations. ADP: Businesses Added 230,000 Jobs in October — USA Today

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To learn whether your dream company is really as dreamy as you're imagining, see how your interviewer responds to these key questions. Want the Scoop on a Company’s Culture? 6 Questions to Ask

A Harvard professor shares one of his favorite, counterintuitive tips for spending money more effectively—and feeling happier, to boot. Power Play of the Week: Make Spending a True Treat

In the market for some new digs? Before you get swept up in the search for your dream home, be sure you're financially ready to make the move. Home-Buying Guide: 5 Ways to Prep Your Finances Before Signing on the Dotted Line


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