12 Kid-Approved Cookie Recipes for the 12 Days of Christmas

Engagement Ring CookiesWe’ve all been there.

Standing in an overheated kitchen, covered in flour, egg yolk and a film of sweat, trying frantically to keep the dog and the baby away from the chocolate chips that somehow landed on the floor.

While holiday baking with the kids always sounds like a sweet idea, it’s an activity that more often than not ends in disaster.

If only some cookies were a surefire recipe for success—as fun and easy to whip up as they were to gobble up!

Enter LearnVest. As our gift to you this year, we’ve rounded up 12 foolproof recipes for holiday treats that won’t turn your festivities into a sticky family free-for-all. We’ve got one clever cookie idea for each of the 12 days of Christmas, from mouthwatering chocolate caramel turtles to adorable Nutter Butter ballet shoes.

So gather the kids and get ready for a Christmas bake-off like you’ve never had before.

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