Smartphone Mystery Shopping: 3 Apps for Earning Extra Cash

Smartphone Mystery Shopping: 3 Apps for Earning Extra Cash

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Ever wanted to be a secret shopper? It turns out the gig might not be so much of a secret after all — and all you need is a smartphone to do it.

You can make extra cash on your next shopping trip just by snapping a few photos of the aisle displays. Services like EasyShift, Field Agent and Gigwalk combine micro-jobs with consumer marketing for big-name brands by recruiting shoppers — like us! — to contribute on-the-ground research about how effective their product campaigns are.

The process is pretty simple: Once you download the app and set up your account, you can start searching for assignments in your area. Once you receive an alert for an open job, you “apply” for it and receive the job description to be completed within a certain timeframe. These jobs range from taking photos of product displays to filling out surveys about presentation.

After you send in your data, it’s transferred from your app to the analytics team of the product brand, and then you can expect a payment straight to your phone!

Here’s a little more about each service:

EasyShift by Quri

• Available for: iPhone
• Payment method: PayPal within 48 hours
• Good to know: There are two types of Shifts you can complete. Location-based shifts require you to go to a specific store and are awarded both points and cash. Anywhere Shifts can be completed from anywhere and are usually only awarded points. Points affect your rank, and the higher your rank, the more Shifts you can reserve.

Field Agent

• Available for: iPhone
• Payment method: PayPal or Dwolla
• Good to know: Be sure to fill out your user profile completely and accurately to make sure you receive more jobs tailored to your area and interests. A job can consist of either taking photos or filling out a survey, both of which pay cash awards of $3 to $12 each. Once a job has been selected, you have two hours to complete the task.


• Available for: iPhone and Android
• Payment method: PayPal
• Good to know: Gigs can take anywhere from 5 minutes to a few hours and pay between $3 to $100. A higher Performance score can land your higher paying jobs. To boost your score, be thorough and professional about the work you submit. Customers who see that you consistently do good work for them can add you to their private workforce where you can find Gigs exclusive to the group.

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