Maternity Freeze? Facebook and Apple Now Pay to Freeze Employees' Eggs

Maternity Freeze? Facebook and Apple Now Pay to Freeze Employees' Eggs

Free laundry service; subsidized egg freezing; Bring-Your-Pet-to-Work Day—wait, rewind a second. Egg freezing?

That’s right. The procedure—when a woman's eggs are extracted, frozen and stored until she’s ready to have children—is now among the many perks that two major U.S. companies offer to keep their employees happy, healthy and productive.


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According to NBC News, Apple and Facebook are leading the way. While Facebook started covering the procedure earlier this year under its surrogacy benefit, Apple will soon start offering the same perk as part of its fertility benefit. Both companies will reimburse their employees up to $20,000.

Since the story broke yesterday, the news has made waves across the Internet, with some wondering whether other big tech companies will soon follow suit. At a time when the lack of gender diversity in tech firms is garnering tremendous media attention, the perk could be a way to attract and retain top female talent.

But the fact that Apple and Facebook are paying their female employees to put childbearing on hold raises other important questions. Are these tech companies trying to encourage their staff to keep slaving away at the office, instead of attending to their desire to have kids? And more broadly, is it truly impossible to balance work and family life?

At least some think so. As Brigitte Adams, founder of the patient forum, told NBC, “Having a high-powered career and children is still a very hard thing to do.”

If you're struggling to juggle it all, learn from these five moms, who battle the beast that is work-life balance every day.


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