Keep It Simple! The One-Number Strategy to Budgeting

Keep It Simple! The One-Number Strategy to Budgeting

Having a tooth pulled. Cleaning the gutters. Bathing an angry cat. All of these might be things you’d much rather do than work on your budget.

But what if we told you budgeting doesn’t have to be painful?

A lot of people may associate the task with negativity because it can imply that you're depriving yourself of the good life. Truth is, budgeting doesn't have to be about guilting yourself into tracking every single penny, or refraining from spending money on the things that make you happy.

A budget is simply a tool that can give you a framework for spending more purposefully—so you can work on reaching the financial goals you've set for yourself.


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So how do you go about creating a budget that not only makes you feel better but also helps you make progress?

For starters, consider Ieaving the mind-numbing paperwork and obsessive number-crunching behind—and watch our video on the One-Number Strategy, featuring Natalie Taylor, CFP® with LearnVest Planning Services.

She'll walk you through a formula that hinges on a single, simple flex-spending number—that's money you can spend however you like. She'll also delve into how to categorize your expenses, and analyze where changes can be made ... painlessly!

Now, that's a budget you can get behind.

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