Financial Rewind: How Well Did You Manage Your Money in 2014?

Financial Rewind: How Well Did You Manage Your Money in 2014?

Skipping the gym last Friday. Forgetting to call your mother on her birthday. Not putting enough cash toward your 401(k).

Which one of these offenses makes you feel guiltiest?

Well, if you’re like most respondents of a new survey, it’s probably the last one.


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According to a new Merrill Edge report on mass affluents—defined as people holding between $50,000 and $250,000 in household assets—33% of Americans are ashamed that they didn’t invest enough in 2014. That’s a higher amount than those who regret their unhealthy food choices (18%)—or even spending too little time with loved ones (17%).

It wasn't just their lack of investing that seemed to make respondents kick themselves over the year's money moves. In fact, just 23% of people said they could feel proud of the way their handled their money overall in 2014—and barely half are even reasonably "content" with those money decisions.

One possible misstep nagging at respondents' consciences? The fact that 51% of people in the survey did not save a single cent for retirement in 2014.

And yet: "The good news is investors of all ages are rethinking their priorities and plan to make retirement saving a top goal in 2015," Aron Levine, head of Preferred Banking and Merrill Edge at Bank of America Corporation, said in a press release. In fact, bumping up those nest egg savings in the new year is a goal for almost 60% of survey respondents—a more common resolution than even ever-popular weight loss intentions.

Also wish you'd socked away more in 2014? Aim to start off the new year on the right foot and learn how to retrain your brain to save more for retirement.


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