6 Money Fears That Keep People Up at Night—and How to Banish Them

Jane Bianchi

494341131When you were a child, the things that spooked you the most at night were probably the monsters that lived in your closet and under your bed.

These days, however, your late-night worries are likely much more tangible and probably revolve around money.

In fact, a study found that 66% of people named some form of a fear of money as the thing that scared them most—trumping crime, snakes, spiders … and even death.

If you’re caught up in the nocturnal money worries cycle, there is hope—for both your sleep and finances.

We pinpointed six of the most common financial fears that plague our slumber, and then tapped a psychologist and CFP® to help us delve into what’s really behind those worries—and how to conquer them.

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