Are Millennials Too Optimistic About Their Career Outlook?

Are Millennials Too Optimistic About Their Career Outlook?

A man walks into a job interview. How can you figure out his age?

Well, if he’s strutting, chances are he’s a Millennial.

That’s the implication of a new survey, which suggests that young workers are highly confident in their ability to land a new gig that suits their skills and interests.

The research, conducted by, found that 47% of employees overall feel good about their job prospects—a record high since Glassdoor first started asking people about their career confidence in early 2009. At the same time, 44% expect a raise within the next year, the highest level since 2008.


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But a closer look at the numbers reveals that an employee’s optimism depends largely on his age. In general, the older he gets, the less hopeful he feels.

As many as 62% of employees ages 18 to 34 are sure they can find a new job in the next six months. That’s compared to 46% of those 35 to 44, 39% for the 45- to 54-year-old set, 38% of workers between 55 and 64, and just 23% of those who are older than 65.

These findings might come as a surprise to anyone who’s looked at the latest research on unemployment. After all, as of September 2014, the jobless rate was highest among workers ages 25 to 34, at 6.2%.

But Millennials do have a number of advantages that might make them more attractive to employers than others. For one, Rusty Rueff, Glassdoor’s career and workplace expert, told MarketWatch that young employees tend to be more tech savvy than older generations, a quality that employers increasingly look for.

Millennials are also typically open to taking on a wider range of jobs and salaries than older workers, meaning they have more career paths available to them.

But does that mean the outlook is truly bright for these job seekers? Well, maybe so.

The latest Bureau of Labor Statistics data found that hiring is picking up steam among U.S. companies. That means now’s the perfect time to polish up your job-hunting skills. Start by checking out these secrets of successful job seekers.


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