7 Money Links We Love: Why Knowing CPR Could Also Resuscitate Your Career

7 Money Links We Love: Why Knowing CPR Could Also Resuscitate Your Career

We’ve scoured the web to bring you our favorite and most useful money-related articles. We read everything, so you don’t have to!

Feeling like a lug today? Turns out you can actually use that slacker mentality as motivation to get stuff done. How to Turn Your Laziness Into Efficiency — Lifehacker

This week, a Fed official warned the country’s financial institutions that if they don’t revamp their culture, they should expect changes—to their compensation. Fed Official: Big Banks Should Clean Up Their Acts — CNN

Beware the free candy in the company break room. Is it possible employers use these perks to lure us into working round-the-clock? The Downsides of Generous Workplace Perks — The New York Times

If you’re thinking about taking the home-buying plunge alone, follow these four nuggets of advice—like being realistic about how much time you'll have to devote to maintenance. Scared to Buy Solo? 4 Tips for Single House Hunters — Trulia

A new survey reveals women entrepreneurs are optimistic about their potential for success—and many say flying solo enables them to achieve better work-life balance. Why Women Are Starting Their Own Businesses—and the Biggest Barriers to Success They Face — MainStreet

Are you a martial arts maven? Maybe a CPR expert? List it on your LinkedIn profile. Experts say highlighting unconventional skills on your resume could help you get the gig. Job Seekers Think Their Zumba Skills Will Get Them Hired — Businessweek

From forgetting to return library books to neglecting bills while you're on vacation, here are some of the most common ways consumers unknowingly destroy their credit scores. 4 Hobbies That Could Wreck Your Credit Score — U.S. News & World Report

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With the winter chill fast approaching, find out utility pros' secrets for reducing those exorbitant energy bills. Confessions of Utility Providers: 4 Insiders Reveal How to Slash High Winter Bills

From overdressing to broaching the salary question too soon, these mistakes took 10 real people out of the running for the job. 'I Bombed a Job Interview': 10 People Reveal the Mistakes That Cost Them a Gig

Whether it’s guitar lessons or gourmet dinners every Friday, it’s okay to splurge once in a while—as long as that indulgence meets these four criteria. Power Hack of the Week: The Smart Way to Indulge a Guilty Pleasure

Find out how these brain blocks—like only paying attention to positive news about a stock—could sabotage your success in the market. Mind Over Money: 7 Mental Biases That Could Impact How You Invest

One business expert argues that an entrepreneurial spirit is integral to your achievement—and even your survival—at any company. The Power of Zigging: Why Career Success Today Requires Channeling Your Inner Entrepreneur

After years of being embarrassed by her parents’ thrifty quirks, Kathryn ended up developing a serious overspending habit—that she eventually conquered by taking some tips from Mom and Dad. I Rebelled Against My Parents' Frugal Ways—and Paid For It


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