7 Money Links We Love: What Hiring Managers Really Think of Millennials

7 Money Links We Love: What Hiring Managers Really Think of Millennials

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Technical skills can only get you so far. Turns out employees who email co-workers about social topics like sports or grabbing lunch are more likely to keep their gigs during layoffs. Lunch, Coffee, Baseball: The Social Words That Could Save Your Job — The Wall Street Journal

Stop blaming Millennials for the weak housing market! Statistics suggest that homeownership rates have actually fallen most steeply among Gen X-ers. Homeownership in America Has Collapsed—Don’t Blame Milennials — The Atlantic

With major data breaches just a few months behind us, is anyone planning to pay with credit this holiday season? A new study suggests the answer depends on the respondent’s age and gender. Too Scared to Use Credit Cards, Men and Millennials Pay With Cash — MainStreet

In a conference room overflowing with mobile gadgets, stand out by distributing your contact information on paper. Here’s the ultimate business-card breakdown for the uninitiated. Why Business Cards Still Matter (and How to Effectively Use Yours) — Lifehacker

Costumes, candy, and pumpkins, oh my! A survey finds Americans will spend a total of $7.4 billion on Halloween this year—and even Fido's getting in on the festivities. Shoppers to Spend $350 Million on Halloween Costumes This Year—For Their Pets -—The Washington Post

While H.R. managers see Millennials as more self-centered than Gen X employees, they also acknowledge that young workers bring a bunch of crucial skills to the table. Are Millennials Better Employees Than Gen X-ers? — MarketWatch

The latest government report finds that personal disposable incomes increased by nearly 3% in the third quarter—and economists predict that growth should continue into the end of 2014. U.S. Economy Shows Solid Growth — CBS

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Hoping to climb the career ladder? One expert argues that the best way to impress new contacts is to shift the spotlight from you to themPower Hack of the Week: The 80/20 Rule for Fair and Balanced Networking

Trying to talk to kids about money doesn’t have to be a stress fest. Whether you’re switching jobs or having another baby, here’s how to break the news to your little ones. Tough Money Talks: How to Tackle 7 Difficult Financial Scenarios With Your Kids

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