7 Money Links We Love: Savvy Hacks for Saving on Holiday Travel

7 Money Links We Love: Savvy Hacks for Saving on Holiday Travel

We’ve scoured the web to bring you our favorite and most useful money-related articles. We read everything, so you don’t have to!

Research suggests Americans with a college education are 10 percentage points more likely to avoid divorce. Experts explain the phenomenon. Want to Stay Married? Get a Degree — MarketWatch

New data reveals that growth in U.S. home sale prices is gradually slowing. Is the post-recession real estate recovery officially over? Home Price Growth Keeps Slowing Down, Says S&P/Case-Shiller — Forbes

While household debt is decreasing, a survey finds consumer debt has just reached an all-time high: a whopping $3.2 trillion. Here’s why the trend is (sort of) troubling. Consumer Debt Hits an All-Time High — Businessweek

ATM charges rose 5% last year—and overdraft fees have also surged, now reaching an average of $32.74. How can smart customers sidestep these skyrocketing fees? Survey: ATM, Checking Overdraft Fees Surge  USA Today

Bye bye, baby: A new study finds that 500,000 fewer kids were born to women in their 20s during the Great Recession. Here’s what finances have to do with fertility. The Recession’s Baby Bust – The Atlantic

From embarking on a cold-weather vacation to housesitting for a friendly neighbor, there’s a bunch of ways to save big on your holiday travel plans. The Clock is Ticking: How to Save Money Booking Your Holiday Travel — Lifehacker

Researchers say emotional intelligence isn't as crucial to career success as we once believed. This trait matters much more. Emotional Intelligence Is Overrated — Psychology Today

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Building muscle and building up your savings require similar psychological skills, like perseverance and the willingness to plan ahead. Financially Fit! 3 Ways Managing Your Money Can Be Like Getting in Shape

Before you request the keys to your brand-new digs, make sure you’ve tackled these essential money tasks. Home-Buying Guide: 5 Ways to Prep Your Finances Before Signing on the Dotted Line

Happy Halloween—money style. We’ve rounded up people’s spookiest financial fears, along with suggestions on how to get rid of them for good. 6 Money Fears That Keep People Up at Night—and How to Banish Them

It’s never too early to start developing healthy financial habits. This handy list highlights some of the most important, like paying yourself first. Checklist: I Want to Start Building Good Financial Habits

Pave the road for a solid financial future with these easy-to-implement, money-savvy tips. 5 Get-Ahead Financial Habits You Should Adopt When You’re Young


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