Monthly Archives: October 2014

Are Student Loan Servicers in Trouble with the Government?

Officials say the industry is engaging in sketchy practices, like charging unfair late fees. And that’s just one rampant offense. More

10 DIY Halloween Costumes You Can Whip Up in an Hour

The dilemma: It’s Halloween, and you’re costume-less. The solution: Make one of these easy DIY disguises in 60 minutes or less! More

An End to QE: Why the Fed Is Pulling the Plug on Bond Purchases

The Fed says it no longer needs to buy up bonds to buoy the economy, known as quantitative easing. But what does it mean for you? More

7 Money Links We Love: What Hiring Managers Really Think of Millennials

The scary amount people will spend on Halloween this year, how to outsource your worst time sucks and more in this week’s roundup. More

Worth It or a Waste? The Real Deal on 5 Common Travel Upgrades

Extra legroom. The exclusive hotel club floor. Springing for these extras sounds nice—but is it a good way to spend your money? More

Financial Rewind: How Well Did You Manage Your Money in 2014?

A survey finds just 23% of Americans feel ‘proud’ of how they handled their money this year. How will they take action in 2015? More

5 Things Recruiters Want You to Know About Resumes

Hiring managers abide by some key rules when it comes to CVs—like the fact that if it’s hard to skim, it likely won’t be read. More

Work/Life Balance: Why Men Keep Mum on the Topic

A study finds most of us have never heard a male coworker discuss work-life balance issues—and there are three theories behind it. More

Tough Money Talks: How to Tackle 7 Difficult Financial Scenarios With Your Kids

Discussing money is hard—and gets even trickier with kids. Whether it’s a divorce or layoff, pros offer tips for tough talks. More

Infographic: Find Your (Work) Bliss

Burnt out? Studies show that these small moves—like jotting down your daily victories—can help you feel more satisfied on the job. More