Quiz: What’s Your True Office Persona?

coworkersRemember when you oh-so-sweetly asked your cube mate to organize the papers spilling onto your desk—and she thought your request was obnoxious?

Or the time you got so excited about an idea at a team meeting that you ended up completely talking over the discussion, offending the colleague sitting next to you in the process?

Sorry if we're bringing up a sore subject, but although these examples of coworker-on-coworker conflict aren't ideal—they're also not uncommon.

Research from Columbia Business School suggests that people are often completely oblivious to how they’re perceived at work, leading them to either be overly deferential to colleagues or alienate them with their aggressiveness.

So how do we solve this problem in order to make the most of our professional relationships? Well, it starts with understanding your office persona.

According to authors Robert and Dorothy Bolton, who co-wrote “People Styles at Work ... And Beyond: Making Bad Relationships Good and Good Relationships Better,” knowing your office personality type can help you enhance your strengths and address your weaknesses, so you can more effectively communicate with colleagues and get your work done—sans drama.

So we created a quiz based on the four office personalities described in the Boltons’ book: the Driver, the Analytical, the Amiable and the Expressive. Dive in to find out which one you are, how you can play up your positive characteristics, how to prevent your relative weaknesses from getting in the way of your career—and the co-worker type who pairs best with your office persona.

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    • abookandabeach

      Nailed me! This was incredibly accurate and I will take the advice. I recently got a lot of help with a profile quiz and “neurocalculator” offered on optimindshaping.com I ordered their material and it has helped me become a lot more focused on both my actions and the impact it has on others. It’s liberating to see opportunity where you once you saw roadblocks.

    • Caitlin Zgura Ruzenski

      Great assessment, and accurate. Can I ask where you found this, or how it was devised? It is similar to a tool we use at my company and as a Development professional, I am interested!