Home-Buying Guide: 5 Ways to Prep Your Finances Before Signing on the Dotted Line

Emma Miller

buying a homeTake it from the girl in the ruby slippers: There’s no place like home.

But getting there isn’t always easy. Preparing to purchase a new house can be a process fraught with difficult questions: Is your paperwork in order? Is your credit score good enough to land you a decent mortgage? What will it feel like to make that mortgage payment? Are you even really ready to stop renting … and buy?

While there’s no magical yellow brick road to home ownership, once you’ve made the decision to buy a home, there are some financial steps to consider prior to handing over that down payment.

In this video, we discuss what you can do to help get your money in order before you start house-hunting—and some financial to-dos to consider when you’re ready to buy. A home is one of the biggest and most important purchases you’ll probably ever make, so let us help you make sure you’re prepared to take the plunge.

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  • holly

    video was helpful but the background music covered some conversation points.

  • erica o

    Great video with tips, where are the worksheets that were referenced in then video ?

  • sue

    Please no videos of talking heads. I’d much rather read an article instead of sitting through a 13 minute video, which I would never do.

    • Lauren DeLisaColeman

      Agreed! Or how about offering both? 13 minutes is an eternity today. Might you post the Cliff’s Notes next week, PLEASE???

    • voltechs


      Also, for a number-conscious community, those pie charts were horribly represented; using $3k for your mortgage doesn’t come out of nowhere leaving you your $10k unscathed!

  • Terreea Wright

    I liked the video but I agree with Erica O, where are the work sheets and with Sue, I would wreath have read this because I was writing it all down. please take that into consideration. I may not have to time to sit and look at a video, but I would have time to print out your articular and read it at my convenience.

  • Jill

    Where are the five ways??

    • Jill

      Oh I see, it’s so we can watch the sponsored message commercial. Got it.

      • Jill

        Even after seeing two commercials haven’t seen the actual information. Not good.

  • Jenna Z

    where can we find the worksheets?

  • Karol

    Erica, Jill, and Jenna: I searched Learnvest, and found the worksheet in “Classes”. Here’s the link http://www.learnvest.com/classes/home-buying-a-guide-to-getting-prepared/

  • Alyssa

    Videos are really not the best way to convey information to your target audience of working young professional women. Most of us are probably multitasking when checking email, and are not going to stop to watch a video. I miss the slideshows and quick articles where I can gather helpful information in minutes.