7 Money Links We Love: Why Taking That Vacation Could Score You Points at Work

7 Money Links We Love: Why Taking That Vacation Could Score You Points at Work

We’ve scoured the web to bring you our favorite and most useful money-related articles. We read everything, so you don’t have to!

Pick a card, any card: A new survey ranks U.S. credit card companies based on customer satisfaction. Did yours make the top 10? America’s Favorite Credit Card Company Is… — CNN Money

Faced with rising college costs, more families are borrowing funds from their nest eggs. Here’s how that decision could hurt you in the long run. More Parents Use Retirement Accounts to Pay for College — U.S. News & World Report

Last week, interest rates for U.S. mortgages hit their lowest level in over a year—but mortgage activity has only climbed 0.2%. What will it take to push potential homebuyers to make an offer? Lower Rates Fail to Fuel Homebuyers — CNBC

Now that it’s ridiculously easy to check your balance and track your transactions on a smartphone app, consumers are less likely to overdraw their accounts. Banking Apps Help Customers Avoid Costly Overdraft Fees — The Wall Street Journal

If you’re stalled at a career crossroads, check out these 10 tips—like considering offbeat jobs and mapping out your professional trajectory. Top 10 Ways to Find Your Career Path — Lifehacker

Looking to get promoted? Get out of town. No, seriously: Research suggests that employees who use their vacation days tend to perform better at the office. Want a Raise? Try Taking a Vacation — TODAY Money

History pop quiz: What do all the U.S. treasurers since 1949 have in common? Answer: They’re all women. Here’s what the trend means for the future of diversity in American government. Why All of the U.S. Treasurers Since 1949 Have Been Women — The Atlantic

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Money management isn’t one-size-fits-all. Pinpoint the system that works best for you—whether you’re a procrastinator or a perfectionist—with these personality-driven strategies. Clear the Financial Clutter: 4 Ways to Organize Your Money Based on Your Personality

College tuition is one of the biggest expenses you’ll ever take on. So how can you gauge if that investment will actually pay off? Calculating College R.O.I.: How to Tell if You're Getting the Best Bang for Your College Buck

Exhausted by her endless weekend-warrior routine, one woman turned to time management experts to overhaul her free time—and regained her work/life balance in return. Money Mic: I Conquered Work/Life Balance—By Hacking My Weekends

Equity rallies. Gold prices. Quantitative easing. You may have come across those buzzy terms in the business news ... but did you know these macro trends could also be affecting you on a personal level? Back to Money School: 6 Ways Big-Picture Economic Trends Can Impact Your Wallet

One woman shares how a simple office supply transformed her saving habits—and set her family on the path to financial security. Money Mic: How a Simple, White Envelope Resurrected My Finances

Whether your retirement fantasy is sailing the Caribbean or working a fulfilling side gig, you’ll need to plan for it carefully. We tapped three money pros to share their own strategies for crafting their golden years. 3 Retirement Experts Dish: My Dream Retirement—and My Plan for Getting There


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