7 Money Links We Love: Sleep Tight! The Link Between Slumber and Wise Investing

7 Money Links We Love: Sleep Tight! The Link Between Slumber and Wise Investing

We’ve scoured the web to bring you our favorite and most useful money-related articles. We read everything, so you don’t have to!

From renovating a rundown house to using positive cash flow to pay off your mortgage faster, here are seven ways your rental property can increase in value. 7 Ways Rental Properties Can Build Your Wealth — Trulia

Scammers made off with millions in fraudulent tax refunds last year. How the increase in electronic filing may have made this thievery possible. IRS Lets Thieves Scam Taxpayers Out of $5.2 Billion — The Fiscal Times

Contrary to popular belief, Millennials are actually more willing than other generations to take on long commutes, share their workspace and prefer working in an office to their home. Here's why those findings matter. Millennials Aren't Inflexible at Work—You Are — MarketWatch

Avoid getting stuck in a cycle of debt by looking out for these four traps—like forgoing pricey auto insurance and seeking a debt settlement that can end up damaging your credit score. Common Debt Traps That Keep You Living Paycheck to Paycheck — Lifehacker

Although Gen Xers earn higher incomes than their predecessors, they’ve accumulated significantly less wealth than their parents had at the same age. Experts explain why one big factor is to blame. Gen Xers Are Poorer Than Their Parents — CNN

A growing body of research suggests that getting a good night’s sleep could actually help you make better investment decisions—and even earn a higher salary. A Full Night’s Sleep Can Really Pay Off—In Salary and Investments — The Wall Street Journal

New survey findings reveal that 80% of women take their Social Security payments too early to reap the full benefits, largely because they run into unexpected financial roadblocks during retirement. Why 80% of Women Take Social Security Too Early for Full Benefits — MainStreet

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Shanice Miller devoted her career to helping students leverage their talents and skills to earn more money for higher education. Here, she shares her best tips and insights. 10 Questions for… a Scholarship Coach

From auto-escalating the amount you’re socking away to rolling all your retirement accounts into one, here are six easy—and effective—strategies for plumping up your nest egg. 6 Small Moves That Could Boost Your Retirement Savings

The more you earn, the more you save—er, spend. Here’s how to prevent what experts call “lifestyle inflation” from taking over your money life. More Money, More Problems? The Dangers of Lifestyle Inflation—and How to Avoid It

Though this dad could afford fancy schooling for his kids, he opted instead for a public education. Here's what he thinks the public school system offered his family that the private one couldn't. Money Mic: I Make Six Figures—And I Still Wouldn’t Send My Kids to Private School

Ensure you make the right decision when it comes to protecting yourself and your family by brushing up on the definitions for these key insurance terms. Life Insurance: 8 Terms You Need to Know

If the concept of life insurance is totally foreign to you, we've got you covered. Check out the most important info you need to know in this handy checklist. 5 Things to School Yourself On Before You Shop for Life Insurance


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