Small Moves That Could Make a Big Difference in Your Retirement Savings

Jane Bianchi

smiling woman holding phoneSaving for retirement doesn’t happen in one fell swoop.

It usually starts with baby steps: First you might enroll in a 401(k) or set up an IRA. Next it’s time to take advantage of any employer match available to you. And then you should seriously think about increasing your contributions periodically.

If you’ve taken some of these steps, congratulations—you’re ahead of the curve!

According to a 2016 survey conducted by GoBankingRates, one in three Americans hasn’t even started saving for retirement—and that figure is even higher among Millennials, with more than 42% saying they have no nest egg to speak of.

But starting to save is only half the battle—there are other steps to consider taking to help maximize your retirement strategy and make every penny count.

That’s why we’ve rounded up six small, retirement-focused moves you can do today that could help build your nest egg savings down the line. Translation: Not only might these ideas help you save more, but they may also help you save smarter.

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  • Keya

    Great suggestions. Especially about looking at my budget and finding expenses that I can reduce to then divert that money to my retirement.

  • Michelle

    I wish my employer offered a match. Right now, it is just the money that I put in.