8 Sneaky Overspending Triggers That Can Sabotage Your Budget


overspendingIf you’ve ever grimaced at your checking account after a night out on the town—and subsequently swore to never spend that much on dinner and karaoke again—we’ve got news for you.

You probably will. And we can say this because we’ve been there too.

That’s because staying on budget isn’t always a simple task—even if you’ve set up what seems to be a rock-solid spending plan for yourself. And, truth be told, according to a 2013 Gallup poll, two thirds of Americans haven’t even gotten that far.

Despite our best intentions, it’s easy to be fooled—by emotions, clever advertising, shiny objects—into shelling out more than we anticipated. Yes, we’re looking at you over there with a shopping cart full of unplanned purchases.

And the worst part? You can speed down the road to perpetual overspending without even recognizing the warning signs.

So to help shield you from sabotaging your budget, we’re exposing eight common overspending triggers—along with smart strategies for how to hit the spending brakes before it’s too late.

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