Ready to Find Your Perfect (Career) Match?

Ready to Find Your Perfect (Career) Match?

Your heart is racing as you try to casually wipe your sweaty palms on your pant legs before he arrives. Though you two have only chatted online, your chemistry seemed promising.

This could be a total disaster you text your friends about later—or it could be the day that changes your life forever.

And then, you see him. Your potential future … boss?


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Yep, this is a professional interview, but the two of you didn’t connect via a traditional recruiter. Instead, you found each other on a dating site.

Thanks to eHarmony, this scenario could be your reality in December when they launch a career matchmaking site, “Elevated Careers by eHarmony,” to connect employers with prospective employees.

Early last year, eHarmony told U.S. News & World Report that the job site would work pretty much the same way as the dating service does. Employers and employees fill out profiles with information about their strengths and what they’re looking for, and based on these details, eHarmony notifies companies and job seekers when they’ve been “matched.”

The two parties then ask and answer questions before meeting in person. Employers and job seekers will have to pay to create accounts, though the company hasn’t yet specified the rate. (It costs $60 a month to participate in the dating service.)

“Elevated Careers” is debuting in a time when less than half of American workers are satisfied with their jobs and more than one in five want to switch gigs. And while it’s unclear whether the service will really revolutionize the world of hiring and job-hunting, eHarmony has a decent track record when it comes to romantic relationships. With more than 777,000 current subscribers, the company claims to have created more than 500,000 matches since 2005.

According to Neil Clark Warren, eHarmony’s founder and C.E.O., “The goal will be to help people get a job where they really belong.”


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