7 Money Links We Love: The Perils of Lying on Your Resume

7 Money Links We Love: The Perils of Lying on Your Resume

We’ve scoured the web to bring you our favorite and most useful money-related articles. We read everything, so you don’t have to!

From airline tickets to Hershey's bars, expect to shell out more on these items come autumn. 10 Things Getting More Expensive This Fall - CBS

Feeling unfulfilled at work? Before you head off on a job hunt, have this key conversation with your boss. How to Tell Your Boss You're Not Happy at Work - The Daily Muse

Just 15% of billionaires in America are women—but a quick history lesson reveals that it hasn't always been this way. Where Are the Female Billionaires? - BusinessWeek

Nearly half of millennials don't believe they can afford a down payment. What is the real estate industry doing to convince them otherwise? Will Millennials Be the Tiny-House Generation? - Slate.com

Between varying interest rates and fees, where you put your money is nearly as important as earning it to begin with. Don't know where to start? This handy list breaks down your options. A Basic Guide to the Different Types of Bank Accounts - Lifehacker

According to your C.V., you speak fluent Italian and were self-employed for the past year. But that information better be accurate, because 93% of employers toss out job candidates for even the slightest resume fibs. Even Small Resume Lies Raise Red Flags - Business News Daily

National mortgage rates are approaching their lowest point this year. Can you snag an even better deal? Mortgage Rates at Low for Year; 30-Year Averages 4.12% - LA Times

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From birth doulas to deejays, these real people's lucrative side jobs are anything but traditional. My Wacky (but Profitable) Weekend Side Job: 4 Fun Ways People Bring in Extra Cash

Everyone knows debt is stressful. But did you also know that money worries are tied to everything from depression to divorce? Debt Got You Down? 5 Tips for Managing the Money Blues

One woman used her church to sneak money to her brother's family—but, ultimately, it didn't pay off. My Secret Money Life: I Helped Bankroll My Brother—and Came to Regret It

Missed payments and medical debt will haunt your credit score for the rest of your (financial) life ... Or will they? FICO 2.0: What You Need to Know About the New Credit Score Changes

No matter your age, now is the perfect time to get on track with your money goals. How do others prioritize financial tasks to fit with their current life stage? Financial Goals Guide: Money To-Dos for Your 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s

Staying on top of your finances can feel like a full-time job. But mini money chores—like changing your passwords—can help you save big bucks, and they only cost a few minutes of your time. 9 Easy Money Moves You Can Make in 10 Minutes or Less

Don't know the difference between AGI and ARM? Consult our money-terms glossary—complete with definitions in real-people speak. Your Money Bible: 25 Financial Terms Everyone Should Know


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