The Best Way to Organize Your Money, Based On Your Personality


phone glasses notebook layoutChances are that organizing your finances probably doesn’t rank at the top of your list of awesome ways to spend an afternoon.

But this to-do is just as important—if not more so—than cleaning out your closet or tidying up the garage. And, at some point, we all just need to buckle down and tackle it.

But successfully getting your money in order has as much to do with who you are as what you’re trying to do.

Translation: What works for someone else might not for you, and if you’re trying to conform to a system that’s not in tune with your personality, you’re going to have a harder time staying on track.

That’s why we delved into the psychology behind the four most common money personas—and then asked finance and organization pros for advice on how each type can hone their strengths and weaknesses to get their financial life together.

So whether you’re a stockpiler or a perfectionist, balancing your budget and marshalling your money life just got a little easier. Trust us.

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  • abeachandabook

    The psychology of money mirrors the psychology of time, career, relationships,etc. When you’re head isn’t clear, it’s hard to make good choices. What I like about this article are the easy how-to’s to help with that. I came under both the “procrastinator” and “avoider” under certain pressures. There’s a website,,, which offers an extremely helpful resource to help de-clutter the mind, so that you have more clarity in pretty much everything you take on and do.