Monthly Archives: August 2014

Paper or Plastic? The Generation Gap in Americans’ Payment Methods

While Boomers still fork over bills, 51% of Millennials prefer cards for small buys. Has cash lost its allure for the younger set? More

Money Mic: ‘I Conquered Work-Life Balance—By Hacking My Weekends’

Stephanie suffered from weekend-warrior overload for years, until time-management gurus helped her reclaim her life—and sanity. More

Why Companies Are Saying Bye-Bye to Yearly Pay Bumps

Employers are increasingly rewarding rock stars with bonuses instead of raises. What’s to gain by keeping salaries the same? More

Calculating College ROI: How to Tell if You’re Getting the Best Bang for Your College Buck

Tuition has increased 1,200% since the 1980s—so tabulating your return on investment is crucial. Here’s how in five simple steps. More

The Best Way to Organize Your Money, Based On Your Personality

Are you a stockpiler, a procrastinator, a perfectionist or an avoider? More

5 Online Tools That Can Boost Your Money Confidence

Forgetful? Disorganized? Paralyzed when it comes to money? There’s an app to help with that—like these five finance-focused tools. More

13 Grocery Store Spending Traps—And How to Bypass Them

From avoiding the “funnel” to ignoring “endcaps,” these wily store features are designed to get you to spend. More

The Job-Hunting Iron Curtain: What You Need to Know to Make It Past the Recruiter

Today’s path to a dream gig? Master your craft, brush up on those communication skills—oh, and rock your recruiter interview. More

Extra-Fee Frenzy: What Hotels Are Hiding in the Fine Print

Little hotel extras we take for granted, like storing items in the mini-fridge, now come with hefty—but often hidden—price tags. More

Man vs. Machine: Who Would You Rather Get Money Advice From?

A study says investors prefer financial guidance from a person—and one set of folks resoundingly embraces the client-adviser bond. More