Grocery Budget Clinic: 6 Hacks for Smarter Meal Planning

meal planAre you routinely bowled over by your grocery bill? Do you often find yourself tossing a garbage bag's worth of spoiled ingredients? Are you on a first-name basis with the pizza delivery guy?

All of these could be signs that your food-shopping—and meal-planning—habits could probably use an overhaul.

Since we're always on the prowl for ways to cut back on waste—both the food and money variety—we asked Jess Dang, founder of the popular meal-planning service Cook Smarts, to share her top tips for hitting the supermarket with a far better (read: non-budget-busting) meal-planning mind-set.

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  • sadashiv potadar

    Everyday is not a Sunday. If you really want to stick to your food/kitchen budget, learn to say NO. This will definitely benefit you in the long run.