7 Money Links We Love: Why Today's Parents Are Ignoring the High Costs of College

7 Money Links We Love: Why Today's Parents Are Ignoring the High Costs of College

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Hoping to get hired? How you handle your ego at work may be just as important as any technical skills or fancy degrees. The Hot New Job Skill Is 'Altrocentrism.' Do You Have It? - Businessweek

Although women have become more financially independent, many still lack money musts—like emergency funds and the investing habits to grow their retirement savings. Women Face Financial Challenges Despite Workplace Success - MainStreet

As young co-workers get chummier, could texting your boss about a fight with your girlfriend become the new normal? LinkedIn Study Reveals Work BFFs Make Us Happier at the Office - LinkedIn

A new survey finds that kids under 10 are raking in an average of $113 per month. But many moms and dads have ambivalent feelings about shelling out their hard-earned cash. Parents Give Kids $1,360 in Cash Each Year - U.S. News & World Report

Wildly successful investor Warren Buffett offers up timeless suggestions for thinking long-term, the difference between price and value and why you should pay yourself first. Warren Buffett's Best Money Advice - Lifehacker

Even in the face of skyrocketing college tuition, many parents don't seem to realize there are ways to meaningfully cut down on the cost of higher education. Why Are Families So Lax About Controlling Their College Costs? - The Motley Fool

A new survey of financial advisors suggests their clients are feeling confident about investing—even though the market is riskier than it was last year. Financial Advisors See Clients Sticking With Stocks - CNBC

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No matter your age, you can always take steps to get your money life in tip-top shape. What are the three main goals you should be tackling now? 3 Important Money To-Dos for Every Decade of Life

Tackling your own debt is often a struggle. This man was stuck paying off the mortgage and credit card debt he and his wife amassed together—even after their divorce. Tales From the Ex Files: I Married a Spender—and I'm Still Paying for It

Earning a college degree may be one path to landing a high-paying job. But are there alternatives to traditional higher educationwithout the hefty price tag? Deconstructing the Ivory Tower: Is College Really Worth the Cost?

This woman took advantage of every college scholarship and grant available to her, and ended up with even more funding than she needed. Money Mic: I Graduated College With No Debt—and a $10,000 Refund

Thinking about purchasing a getaway spot? Before taking the leap, think seriously about whether it's the right move for you financially. 8 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Buying a Second Home

Choosing investments for a 401(k) or an IRA can be intimidating—but this guide clarifies some of the most common concerns about saving for your future. How to Set Up a Retirement Account


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