Monthly Archives: July 2014

Get Rich … Slow? The Message One Investment Adviser Has for Millennials

Saving for the future can be a tall order for a lot of people, but this neurologist-turned-adviser says it’s possible—at any age. More

Home Sweet … Rental? Why Homeownership Has Hit a New Low

The percentage of mortgage-paying Americans is the smallest since 1995—and economists say it might dip even further. More

Homeward Bound: 6 Top Vacation House Rental Sites

Before you pay for a hotel stay, check out services like Guest to Guest, which offer cheaper swaps and rentals around the world. More

The Brave New World of Credit Monitoring: Weekly Credit Reports

Credit Karma just unveiled a new perk for users: free, weekly access to an easier-to-review record—with tips for fixing blips. More

Behavior Change Showdown: 3 Experts on What It Takes to Banish Bad Money Habits

Want to know the key to kicking bad money habits? We tapped three behavior-change luminaries for their top, research-backed tips. More

Fact or Fiction? College Costs Are Skyrocketing

You may think you know how much tuition costs—but a new analysis finds many stats are highly misleading. More

House-Hunting? What the Zillow-Trulia Merger Means For You

Now that Zillow has bought its rival, consumers will have more access to real estate info—and may even be able to avoid agents. More

Confessions of an Out-of-Control Penny-Pincher

Victorine’s frugal habits quickly spiraled into a full-blown obsession—impacting not only her life but also those closest to her. More

Boomerang Employees: Would You Work for a Former Company?

Employers are increasingly rehiring people who left on good terms for other jobs—and it’s proving to be a win-win for both sides. More

Equal Opportunity Parental Leave: Dads Can Also Stay Home With Baby

Thanks to new federal guidelines, fathers are also entitled to take time off to bond with a newborn. But will they really use it? More