The Millennial Ideal: Jobs That Offer 'Work-Life Blend'

The Millennial Ideal: Jobs That Offer 'Work-Life Blend'

“Blurred Lines” isn’t just the name of a Robin Thicke song from last summer—it’s what Millennials crave at work.

That’s according to the just-released Millennial Impact Report from the Case Foundation and market-research firm Achieve. The survey of more than 1,500 found that young people are most attracted to work environments that satisfy them on professional, personal, and social levels.


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“Millennials have a work-life blend—blending of work, blending of life-interest, blending of value, blending of passion and interest,” Derrick Feldmann, president and lead researcher of Achieve and the Millennial Impact Project, told Entrepreneur.

Positive social impact seemed to be a thread that tied Milliennials’ interests together: 92% of survey respondents said they felt they were contributing to a company making a difference in the world. And when asked what qualities they appreciate in prospective employers, top factors were what the business does, makes or sells; the work environment and culture; and whether the company supports particular causes.

Working for a company aligned with the social causes they believe in is one way Millennials want to give back. “They are looking at these service opportunities and ways to volunteer and ways to get socially involved sort of synonymous with various personal skills and professional skills,” Emily Yu, vice president of partnerships at the Case Foundation, told Entrepreneur.

The survey also found that young people are looking to feel “at home” at work—and consider their co-workers friends. They indicated a great interest in working on volunteer projects with their colleagues, too: When given the option to work independently or in a group within their department, 77% said they prefer giving back in teams.

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