Money Worries Keep the Wealthy Up at Night, Too

Money Worries Keep the Wealthy Up at Night, Too

Have you ever fantasized about how different—and stress-free—your life would be if you could just add a few more zeros to the number on your paycheck?

Well, it turns out wealthy people worry just as much as everyone else—even about money.

To prove it, U.S. News & World Report rounded up a list of the most common concerns of the top 10%. Read on. Do any of these sound familiar?


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1. Having sufficient retirement funds. Nearly half of millionaires say they worry about not having enough money to last them through their golden years, according to a survey by Lincoln Financial Group. (In comparison, 53% of the general population has the same fear.)

2. Health problems. The same survey found that 54% of millionaires, and 57% of all respondents overall, are nervous about their health in retirement.

3. Getting sued. While few people worth less than $1 million say they worry about being sued, as many as 80% of those worth at least $20 million are concerned about it.

4. Identity theft. 75% of wealthy people are afraid of someone stealing their identifying information, compared to less than half of the middle class.

5. Keeping an eye on their assets. Even rich people who hire professionals to manage their money worry about things like interest rates and stock prices.

6. Professional decisions. While the 90% might be anxious about getting laid off, the wealthiest 10%, who are more likely to be in positions of power, worry about making the wrong move and being liable for other people losing their jobs.

7. Their children’s future. Will their kids blow all the money they’ve inherited? Or will they be unmotivated to succeed because they know they’re financially set for life? These concerns are especially common among rich people who have earned their own money through their careers.

8. Keeping pace with the competition. In general, wealthy people are more competitive than everyone else, and therefore more likely to fret about what their car, their house and their alma mater say about them.

Regardless of where you fall on the socioeconomic spectrum, financial stress can cause some serious damage to your mind and body. Learn how to beat it with tips like getting specific about the problem and reaching out to people in similar situations.


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