7 Money Links We Love: The Trickiest Job Interview Questions—Decoded

7 Money Links We Love: The Trickiest Job Interview Questions—Decoded

We’ve scoured the web to bring you our favorite and most useful money-related articles. We read everything, so you don’t have to!

Whose love is worth more: Mom or Dad? A new study finds Americans will spend $7.5 billion less on Father’s Day than Mother’s Day this year. Dad’s Not Getting as Much for Father’s Day as Mom Got for Mother’s Day - TODAY Money

Saving money doesn’t have to take up a lot of your time if you adopt automated tricks like running ceiling fans counter-clockwise and paying insurance premiums up front. How to Automate Your Frugality and Save Money Without Much Effort - Lifehacker

Tall, dark … and debt-free? A new survey finds that most people value financial responsibility over physical attractiveness in a potential spouse. Is Money More Important Than Sex in a Marriage? - Credit.com

As of March, the average auto-loan term was about six years long—and the average amount financed also hit an all-time high of over $27,000. Why are consumers buying cars they can’t afford? Are Americans Filling Up On Too Much Debt? - USA Today

MoneyRates.com crunched data on wages, work environment and unemployment rates to figure out the places where you should (and shouldn’t) settle down and work in the U.S. The Best and Worst States to Make a Living in 2014 - Forbes

Many employers these days ask unconventional interview questions to suss out if a job candidate would be a good cultural fit. Here’s how to tackle some of the trickiest of those asks. 11 Interview Questions Hiring Managers Ask to Test Your Personality - Business Insider

In response to lower interest rates, mortgage activity finally started picking up speed—just as home loan rates increased again. Borrowers Defy Logic With Mortgage Rates - CNBC

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Career experts sound off on when it is (and isn’t) appropriate to send a potential employer a thank-you note via snail mail. The Handwritten Thank-You Note After an Interview: Necessary or Passé?

Yes, paying off your debt is incredibly freeing—but it can also be intimidating. Here’s how to best manage your new and improved financial situation. Life After Debt: What to Do Once You’re Finally Debt-Free

Find out how one couple managed to stick to a strict wedding budget—and still have the ceremony of their dreams. How I Did It: ‘My Wedding Cost Less Than $1,000'

And speaking of newlyweds ... For this couple, getting married was the perfect opportunity to develop healthier financial habits. Money Mic: How Marriage Made Me Better with Money

The three months after you land a new gig are crucial when it comes to making a stellar impression on your boss and colleagues. Here's how to crush it. The First 90 Days: Secrets to Succeeding at a New Job

From neglecting to research the neighborhood to hiring the wrong real estate agent, avoid these top blunders when buying a house. 5 Homeowners Reveal: The Biggest Home-Buying Mistake We Made


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