7 Real Estate Pluses Sellers Don't (But Should) Advertise

7 Real Estate Pluses Sellers Don't (But Should) Advertise

Looking to sell your place? When dealing with prospective buyers, think beyond the obvious—what you take for granted about your home may seal the deal for them. USA Today highlighted 7 features you shouldn't skip when marketing your property.

1. Storage space. Many first-time homebuyers will be comparing your house to smaller rental properties that they've lived in. Even what you consider standard may appear luxurious to your buyers. If you have built-in storage, a separate kitchen pantry, or extra closets, be sure to highlight these features.

2. Built-in organization. Your built-in bookshelves and garage storage system are attractive to buyers with clutter-free dreams.


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3. Location, location, location. Just because you're familiar with your neighborhood doesn't mean everybody is. A buyer may not know to research your zip code, and therefore may not know about the local perks, like nearby dining and shopping centers, or convenience factors, like proximity to multiple highways or major employers.

4. Senior-friendliness. Your home might not have obvious disability features, but many Boomers are looking for homes they can see themselves in for the long run. Few stairs (especially to the front door) and single-story homes will appeal to seniors, and separate living quarters, such as a second master suite or mother-in-law unit, will attract extended families.

5. Low-energy living. Even if your house isn't solar-powered, you should still market its energy efficient features, like tankless water heaters, newly installed insulation, and anything else that might lower your energy bills below the neighborhood norm.

6. A green lifestyle. On a similar note, if you've set up a backyard compost system or taken the time to install a recycling center (even if it required more elbow grease than cash), don't undervalue their appeal. Buyers will be drawn to existing environmentally friendly features, which promise a more green lifestyle without any set-up on their end.

7. Allergy-sensitive home maintenance. Hypoallergenic, chemical-free, or all-natural cleaning products and systems will count as a big plus to buyers with allergies.

When figuring out how to market your home, don't leave it all to your agent. Get inside the head of a potential home buyer. How does your place match up against your neighbors'? What home improvements have you made since moving in? Are there any "niche" features to play up to specific audiences? If you're having trouble brainstorming, you can always ask a friend or neighbor to name their favorite features.

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