Job Seekers May (Finally) Have a Leg Up

Job Seekers May (Finally) Have a Leg Up

For many job seekers, it’s a familiar scenario: You spot a position that looks perfect for you, and within the hour or so that it takes you to write a cover letter and send your resume, the position is filled.

Now, it seems that things may finally be looking up for people scouring those job boards. According to a new Dice Hiring Indicators report, the average duration of job vacancies rose this April to 23.9 working days – the highest number since the Dice report started measuring these stats in 2000. The report also found that the duration of vacancies is up 55 percent from its lowest point in 2009.


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Besides the additional time to search, these results also mean that job candidates now have some more leverage. As companies wait longer and longer to fill empty positions, they become more eager to hire, which in turn makes them potentially more likely to agree to things like higher salaries or more vacation days. Companies are also enhancing their employee retention programs in order to make sure their staff is happy, according to a Dice press release.

Wondering what exactly you should be negotiating for at your new (or current) gig? Beyond a higher salary, flex time and maternity or paternity leave are just two perks worth asking for.


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