6 Affordable Family Vacations: Summer Trips With Kids Edition

AffordableFamily VacationsWhether you’ve got toddlers, tweens or teens (or all three!), summer means school’s out.

Translation: Your home just got a little crazier. Second translation: You need to book a fun family escape.

But if you don't have plans yet for a vacation, don't worry: You can still plot a getaway—without breaking your budget.

Just take it from these six travel pros, whom we asked to offer up their favorite, affordable—and last-minute-planning-approved—vacation destinations. Although their suggestions run the gamut from rustic to luxurious and adventurous to low-key, the trips all have one thing in common: They’re perfect for families.

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  • Anna

    In Lancaster – the culture is not “Dutch” it is Pennsylvania Dutch, which actually comes from German culture since “deutsch” in German means German. My family comes from this area so I am happy to recommend people to visit – but do understand the culture, it is quite rich!!

  • Luci

    Is there ever going to be a vacation article geared towards singles