Monthly Archives: June 2014

Why Air Travel Costs Are About to Take Off

On July 21, the TSA will raise “flyer security” fees—which means an uptick in ticket prices. How much more will you shell out? More

5 Ways to Stay Motivated While Job Hunting

Frustrated in your search for a new gig? Consider one of these tips—like actually taking a day off! More

Dreaming of Becoming Rich? Your Chances Are Better Than Ever

According to a new study, 21% of adults will make it to the top 2% by age 60—but there’s a catch. More

9 Nuggets of Career Advice I’d Give to My Younger Self

Wish you could go back in time and do things differently? Professionals share the career tip they’d offer their younger selves. More

3 Signs That Fixer-Upper Is Really a Flop

A leaky roof? No problem. A flood? Steer clear. How to tell if a home just needs a little TLC or if it’s damaged beyond repair. More

The Cost of College: Are Parents Saving Enough?

A new report finds the average college fund is $15,346—that’s up 30% from last year. Can you guess how far this sum will go? More

Calculating Retirement: The Mistake Americans Are Making

According to a survey, only 11% of people have actually tabulated how much they’ll need to retire. Instead, they simply do this. More

6 Affordable Family Vacations: Summer Trips With Kids Edition

Travel pros share their favorite, affordable locales for families craving great outdoors escapes, cool animal encounters and more. More

More Parents Tell Their Kids: Student Loans Are Your Deal

A new survey finds fewer moms and dads are willing to help with college loan payments—and there’s one key reason for the pullback. More

The Perks (and Pitfalls) of Job Hopping

Staying at one gig for two-plus years can cut lifetime earnings by 50%—and that’s conservative. But is it wise to make many moves? More