Why Green Cleaning Doesn't Have to Cost a Lot of Green

Why Green Cleaning Doesn't Have to Cost a Lot of Green

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While it’s great for the planet, going green can feel less awesome for your wallet. Due to smaller production quantities, pricier ingredients and higher transportation costs, manufacturers generally need to charge more for green products. This can put well-meaning-but-frugal consumers in a tough spot. Luckily, there are some tricks that will let you have the best of both worlds!


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1. Buy Concentrated Products

More manufacturers are offering green home cleaning products in concentrated forms. For example, Arm & Hammer Essentials Cleaning Kit consists of small vials of cleaner that you mix in the provided spray bottle with water. Rather than buying a new full-size bottle each time you’re out, you can save money (and landfill space!) by simply getting another vial. Another great option is 4X concentrated laundry detergent from Seventh Generation, which uses 66 percent less plastic than the typical 2X detergent bottle (which is already concentrated to being with!).

2. Check for Coupons

Some online digging can unearth savings in real life. Popular coupon sites like RetailMeNot, Coupons.com and Save.com often feature green product discounts, but you’ll have to search for them. Also, check out MamboSprouts, a site devoted to eco-friendly products with a mailing list that details exclusive offers. Finally, some companies offer coupons directly on their website or through an email subscription including Earthbound Farm Organics, Kashi, and Cascadian Farm. Tip: Never underestimate the power of a Facebook “Like” on a green company’s page!

3. Consider the Green “House Label”

More and more stores are offering their own competitively priced green product lines. Some examples include: 365 Everyday Value line at Whole Foods or Ology at Walgreens. Always do a price comparison first, but these lines are often an affordable way to do right by Mother Earth. Give them a shot and see if you like them!

4. Think BIG with Toilet Paper

Buying large quantities of toilet paper can save you up to 50 percent versus buying small packs. Green toilet paper is no exception. For example, Seventh Generation’s 100% Recycled Bathroom Tissue is currently about $1.25 per roll when purchased as a four-pack and only 72 cents per roll as a 12-pack on Soap.com! Clear out some storage space and take advantage of this money-saving no-brainer when you stock up.

5. Use the Vine.com App

Vine.com, the online green marketplace, holds its products to high standards of sustainability and other eco-minded criteria. You can trust that everything you order from the site is legitimately good for you and the planet. Their mobile app can be a shopping lifesaver, allowing you to compare prices on the spot and take advantage of their weekly green product deals. Note: If you love discovering new apps, here are some other great green apps for the home to check out!

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