Monthly Archives: May 2014

In Sickness and in Wealth: Why Today’s Couples Keep Separate Accounts

According to a new TD Bank survey, nearly 50% of couples maintain both joint and personal accounts for four key reasons. More

5 Ways to Pack Smart and Avoid Airline Baggage Fees

Sick of racking up pesky fees in your travel budget? We asked packing pros how to fit everything you need into a carry-on. More

9 Wedding Projects You Can DIY in a Weekend (or Less!)

From confetti poppers to embroidered hankies, you can whip up these crafts in just a few days—without spending more than $150. More

Millennials Shun Brick-and-Mortar Banking

Nearly 45% of young consumers would entrust Amazon or Google with their money if such tech giants offered banking services. More

529s: The College Savings Option Americans Are Ignoring

New data finds only 30% of us know what a 529 plan is—and people in this region are particularly unaware of the tool’s perks. More

7 Money Links We Love: 5 Reasons Why C.E.O.s Greatly Outearn You

How to handle a phone interview, strategies to beat distractions and more in this week’s roundup. More

19 Reasons You’re Overspending at the Supermarket

From picking up overpriced “convenient” food to buying all organic all the time, these mistakes could be costing you.

The Cost of Finding Love: What’s It Worth to You?

Whoever said love don’t cost a thing never dated online. Real daters spill what they spend on site fees, dates and lookin’ good. More

Comfy Nest Syndrome: Millennials Lack Money Autonomy

A new study finds 50% of recent grads still depend on the bank of Mom and Dad. What are the implications of relying on the ‘rents? More

Yes, That College Degree Is Totally Worth It

New data suggests that a four-year degree has never been more valuable—despite what news reports will have you believe. More