9 Clever (and Simple) Ways to Upcycle Garage Sale Finds

diy hacksThey say one man's trash is another man's treasure.

And if these environmental statistics are any indication, we need to treasure, well, a lot more of that trash: Each year Americans throw out 200 million tons of garbage—that comes out to about 4.5 pounds per person, per day!

Hopefully, stats like this will make you stop and think the next time that you clean out your garage, basement or attic. Instead of taking stuff to the dump, give thought to how you might recycle them—or upcycle, as the cool kids are calling it these days—by repurposing them into something new.

So in the spirit of Earth Day, we gathered nine clever ideas from upcycling lovers and bloggers for breathing new life into your (or someone else's!) household cast-offs. You'll not only do your part to save the planet, but you'll salvage your budget too.

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