The Winner of the March 2014 Call to Action!

The Winner of the March 2014 Call to Action!

sheilaLast month at LearnVest, we focused on tackling taxes—everything from making sense of freelance deductions to learning how much to withhold.

So in the spirit of the season, we also challenged our readers to tell us their own favorite filing tips—and how much money they saved. We enjoyed reading each of the responses; thank you to everyone who shared!


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We'd like to congratulate the winner of our March Call to Action, who will receive $100 to put toward her financial goals: Sheila Wallis, 40, an inventory analyst in the Kansas City, Missouri area.

Below, check out how Sheila aces her taxes:

"I do a few different things. Because I worked a couple of contract jobs last year, had some unemployment, paid student loan interest, rolled over a 401(k) and had income from more than one state, I knew my taxes weren't going to be pretty! With that in mind, I went so far as to fill them out once on TurboTax and once on H&R Block's website. Comparing the final numbers on both websites—and seeing where mistakes had been made—helped me save about $500.

"This year I also made a point to finish my taxes by early February. I knew I'd owe taxes due to my unemployment, so filing early allowed me to budget in those tax payments over the next few months until the April 15 deadline.

"Finally, I used the calculator on the IRS website to determine how my current deductions have me set up for next year. In the past, that calculator has showed me that if I have an additional $5 to $10 taken out per paycheck, I'll come closer to breaking even."

Thanks for sharing, Sheila!


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