4 Common (and Costly) Faux Pas Homeowners Make

4 Common (and Costly) Faux Pas Homeowners Make

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Owning a home is a lot like a long-term relationship. When things are good, it’s amazing! But a few missteps can really put a damper on the romance. Watch out for these all-too-common homeowner heartbreaks:

Paint Color Regret

Canary Yellow looked like a happy color in the store. But once it was covering your bedroom walls, it looked less “happy-yellow” and more “highlighter-massacre.” This is avoidable! Check out Smart Color by Behr to pick a new color palette. Then, follow these tips for a perfectly painted wall.


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Insurance Fails

If your home is hit with hail and flood damage simultaneously, are you covered? The answer may be no, due to an insurance term known as “anti-concurrent causation,” which basically means that a combination of losses can declare your policy void. Crosscheck your policy with our list of common things that aren’t covered and adjust as needed.

Permanent Stains

Stains don’t truly become heartbreaking until you realize a few months after the fact that they’ve become a permanent décor addition to your living room. Prevent this tragedy by tackling any accidents immediately! As long as you have a little club soda, some dish soap and a dull knife, you’ll be equipped to handle most types of food and drink stains.

Inspection Woes

When you’re shopping for houses, your #1 choice may look great, but unless you get a home inspection, problems could be lurking under the surface that you don’t know about. Avoid issues like cracked pipes, furnace failures and sewer damage by hiring a home inspector. The majority of potentially expensive problems are pretty simple (and affordable) to fix if you catch them early.

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