Quiz: What’s Your Big Spending Trigger?

Woman Shopping for Spending TriggerWhen it comes to tempting spending situations, there are a few classics.

Gadgets. Shoes. Those proverbial lattés.

We call these "spending triggers," or situations in which the temptation to spend is just too great to ... put away your wallet and walk away already.

Sure, there are people out there who are actually triggered by gourmet coffee, but triggers are different for everyone. If you’re more prone to blowing your paycheck on "miracle" skin-care products or must-get concert tickets, advice on how to make coffee at home is a waste of your time.

And, once you know your individual weak spot, it can be pretty straightforward to set a budget and figure out how much you can afford to spend on said thing. But what if you don't?

Then it's time to take our quiz. Are you ready to out that one area in your life where you just can't help but spend?

Don't worry, once you I.D. your personal Kryptonite, we also have tips on saving you from yourself.

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