8 Soul-Warming (and Low-Cost) Winter Soups and Stews

african peanut stewWhether you're watching the snow flurries outside (for the umpteenth time) or looking for a cost-effective meal plan for the next few days, we have the same advice: Have soup.

Soups and stews were once considered peasant food—they've traditionally called for simple, inexpensive ingredients—but these days they're enjoying a renaissance as trendy dishes that allow you to be creative without spending a fortune. Plus, you can easily pop surplus soup into the freezer and thaw it out for leftovers without sacrificing flavor.

From a satisfying African peanut stew to hearty chicken and white bean chili, many of these recipes lend themselves to using a cast-iron Dutch oven, but you can opt for any deep, oven-safe pot with a heavy lid. So the next time that those fat flakes start to fall, warm up with one of these eight soups and stews.

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