2014 Travel Report: 9 Dreamy Vacations … Under $2,500


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    • Luci

      What about singles? Everything is for families, friends or couples. What about being single and wanting to go on vacation.

      • Sienna Smith

        exactly. Sometimes friends can’t come along with you, but you still would like to take a vacation and have that experience. What about that group??

    • Christina Kochan

      So… under $2500 if you are already there, i.e. less the cost of flights (and food). Do you know how much it costs to fly four people to Hawaii??? This list is pointless.

    • Margaret Zettergren

      I have to agree with Christina K. People on a realistic budget are looking for vacation deals that include flight, food, and hotel for a reasonable price. The South of France, NO WAY.