Ivy Leagues Band Together to Court Low-Income Students

Ivy Leagues Band Together to Court Low-Income Students

Ivy League universities may be out of reach to many—but increasingly, the barrier won't be the cost.

Top schools like Harvard, Yale and Columbia are now ramping up efforts to attract low-income students, putting increased focus on outreach and making sure everyone is aware of financial aid opportunities.


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The campaigns, which involve up to 100 colleges and universities, were announced Thursday at a White House summit on rising student costs, CNNMoney reports.

Though many top-tier schools already have extensive aid packages in place, lack of awareness still excludes many students from taking advantage of them. In fact, one recent study by the National Bureau of Economic Research found that most high-achieving, low-income students don't even bother sending applications to prestigious universities because they assume the schools aren't an option from a financial perspective.

In reality, Ivy League schools tend to offer some of the most generous financial aid packages in the country. Case in point: Harvard automatically waives tuition for students whose families earn $65,000 or less. Now, as part of their increased efforts, Harvard plans to publicize this and other programs on social media, as well as host outreach sessions at underrepresented cities across the country.

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Other organizations are also jumping on board. A number of nonprofits have pledged to assist with college counseling and SAT prep classes, while the College Board has said it will waive some fees for those below a certain income who have taken the SAT. To see the complete list of colleges and organizations that are committed to increasing their education efforts, read the full White House summary.


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