How to Be a New Money You: Let's Recap the 12 Days of LearnVest

How to Be a New Money You: Let's Recap the 12 Days of LearnVest

It's the start of a new year and—being LearnVest, after all—we're fired up for you to make a fresh start with your money.

That's why we were thrilled to kick off 2014 with the first-ever "12 Days of LearnVest"—a series of stories meant to help you reboot every facet of your financial life and take you one step closer to reaching your goals.


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Each day over the past two weeks, we ran a story meant to home in on one major aspect of your money life. From the secret weapon for organizing your finances to the three numbers you need to know for financial success, we tried to cover all the major topics that matter to you.

But we know you live a hectic life, so you may have missed something over the past 12 days. Good thing we're here to catch you up! Below are links to every story in our series. Take a look at each one and see where you might need to polish your financial plan.

But don't worry, it's not all crunching numbers and homework. We're also here to keep you inspired. So look out for personal success stories along the way—like the woman who paid off $90,000 in just four years—to keep you motivated toward your own goals.

Here's to new beginnings in 2014!

The 12 Days of LearnVest

Day 1: The 12 Days of LearnVest: Be a Whole New Financial You!
Day 2: Your New Secret Weapon for Getting Financially Organized
Day 3: 11 Money Excuses to Stop Making in 2014
Day 4: 4 Secrets to Making (and Sticking to) a Money Resolution
Day 5: 10 Helpful Money Habits to Adopt Today
Day 6: My Money Goals for 2014 … and a Gift From Me to You
Day 7: Are You Financially Healthy? The 3 Numbers You Should Know
Day 8: 6 Documents Everyone Should Have to Protect Their Finances
Day 9: 9 Ways to Prep for Your First Date With a Financial Planner
Day 10: 7 Steps to Help You Have More Money This Year
Day 11: Dreaming Big: How 4 Real People Reached Their Ultimate Money Goals
Day 12: I Started Saving for Retirement—When It Was Almost Too Late


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