7 Money Links We Love: Why the Next Startup Entrepreneurs Won't Be in Their 20s

7 Money Links We Love: Why the Next Startup Entrepreneurs Won't Be in Their 20s

We’ve scoured the web to bring you our favorite and most useful money-related articles. We read everything, so you don’t have to!

The extreme cold snap has kept millions of us holed up at home—and it's costing the economy billions. Deep Freeze Puts $5 Billion Chill on Economy - NBC News

Want to stay on track to achieve your 2014 goals? Try this tech giant's method of getting things done to knock your to-dos out of the park. Google's Goal-Setting Process—And How It Can Work for You - Business Insider

If you're enlisting a pro to help you with your taxes, read on for tips on how to make the process go more smoothly. 7 Things Tax Preparers Wish We Would Do - DailyFinance

A former compulsive online shopper shares how he went digital cold turkey—and saved his finances in the process. What I Learned from a Six Month Spending Freeze - Lifehacker

Getting pre-approved for a mortgage isn't the same thing as being pre-qualified. Learn the difference—and why it's important. What It Means to Be ‘Pre-Approved’ for a Mortgage - Credit.com

Members of older generations are trading golden years on the golf course for something decidedly different—entrepreneurship. Older Americans Shun Retirement at 65 for Risky Startups - MSN Money

The career crystal ball: Check out what the stars have in store for your work life this year. Your Career Horoscope for 2014 - POPSUGAR Smart Living

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Check out these simple tips for freeing up more cash in your budget this year. Winning the lottery isn't required! 7 Steps to Help You Have More Money This Year

Due for a money checkup now that it's a new year? Crunching these figures is a great way to start. Are You Financially Healthy? The 3 Numbers You Should Know

From beneficiary forms to living wills, we break down the key paperwork that you need to safeguard your hard-earned assets. 6 Documents Everyone Should Have to Protect Their Finances

If you're gearing up to meet with a financial adviser for the first time, take these steps in advance so that you're primed for a productive sit-down. 9 Ways to Prep for Your First Date With a Financial Planner

These inspirational savers tackled everything from paying down $90K in student loans to paying off a mortgage ... in five years! Dreaming Big: How 4 Real People Reached Their Ultimate Money Goals


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