Monthly Archives: January 2014

9 Money Beliefs That Can Hold You Back

“I’ll always be in debt.” “My family is bad with money.” Experts reveal what underlies negativity—and how to retrain your brain. More

10 Most Popular Flex Jobs in the U.S.

A new poll pinpoints the country’s most in-demand flexible careers—and where you can find them. More

A New Retirement Account for Americans

In his 2014 State of the Union address, Obama announced a new vehicle for saving—with a government guarantee. More

What’s Happening in Real Estate in 2014

Major changes in mortgages, the cities that are red hot … what will real estate bring in 2014? More

2014: The Year of the Pay Raise?

Falling unemployment rates across the country could mean generous salary bumps … finally. But who stands to benefit the most? More

5 Things to Consider Before You Take the Job

Before you sign on the dotted line and accept a new gig, review these factors first—like the fine print in your benefits package. More

One Secret That Could Help You Save a Lot of Money—and Why We Get Sidetracked

A study says it’s not those shiny new boots or car trouble impeding your savings progress—it’s your brain’s perception of time. More

Survey Says: Getting Rich Isn’t all About Hard Work

Americans agree economic inequality is on the rise—but a new poll shows there’s disagreement on how to solve for it. More

What Does It Take to Be Fearless About Money and Life? 6 Leaders’ Answers

They’ve built real estate empires, run magazines and invested in million-dollar businesses. Here’s how they define fearlessness. More

Why Money Isn’t the Biggest Retirement Factor

A new study shows that these factors may play a greater role in determining when you leave the workforce. More