Your New Secret Weapon for Getting Financially Organized

Your New Secret Weapon for Getting Financially Organized

iPad appBy nature, LearnVesters strive for organization.

We love schedules and plans, systems and routines. And, most of all, we love organizing our finances. After all, how are we supposed to make progress on our money if we can't locate every single cent?

Thankfully, in the ongoing quest to better corral our finances, we have a new secret weapon at our disposal: LearnVest for iPad. It has all of the helpful features of the iPhone app, like the Financial Inbox and the Money Center, plus a step-by-step guide to our seven-part Action Program.

So as part of our 12 Days of LearnVest series this month, today's mission is simple: Organize your finances—whether it's through our Money Center, the iPhone app or the new iPad version. And to further inspire you, we asked members of the LearnVest staff to share just how the iPad app has helped them to make great strides with their own money.


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The iPad App Helps Me ... Organize My Financial Life

"I love how the app clearly shows me everything that I need to do to have a complete plan. It walks me through my progress in each step of the LearnVest Action Program—from my money goals to my planner-approved challenges—and helps to hold me accountable, so I can work toward achieving my goals. Plus, I'm on the road a lot, so I fill time in cabs, airline waiting rooms and even the occasional green room using the iPad app to organize my Financial Inbox. It's a delightful experience, and foldering transactions is truly addictive!"

- Alexa von Tobel, founder and C.E.O.

The iPad App Helps Me ... Stay on Budget

"The new app is a great way to check in on how I'm doing today—and see what's coming up tomorrow. I find the comparisons especially useful: The app shows me which of my spending categories are over (and under!) budget, as well as which ones are most likely to be that way in the future. With this kind of feedback, I'm set up to do two things—evaluate whether my budget is realistic, and look at the transactions in each folder to figure out if there's something I can change or fix with my spending habits."

- Jeff Kirsch, user experience designer

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LearnVest iPad AppThe iPad App Helps Me ... Strive for My Next Big Money Goal

"What I like about the app is how my entire financial plan is visible to me—front and center. My husband and I were high fiving each other last night because we just got back from a trip, and we've already started a new goal in the 'build' step of the app for our next vacation: a 20th anniversary trip to Paris! It's a good resource for couples who want to get on the same page with their goals ... and who want to go to Paris."

- Nancy Anderson, Certified Financial Planner™

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The iPad App Helps Me ... Track My Money

"I love being able to access all of the different sections of my financial plan right from my iPad at any time. I can check how I'm tracking against my goals and quickly folder transactions, so I know that I'm staying on budget. The interface is also great: I can drag and drop items, as well as swipe open the accounts section to make sure that a deposit has cleared."

- Jeremy Brennan, director of UI/UX technology

The iPad App Helps Me ... Monitor My Emergency Fund

"I like that when I’m on the couch feeling lazy, I can still be productive by opening up the app to check in on my money. It allows me to help reassure myself that my net worth is growing, and review my "left to spend" number for the month to keep me honest. I also love seeing how close I am to reaching my emergency fund goal. That will be a huge relief!"

- Polly Ng, director of user experience

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The iPad App Helps Me ... Sleep at Night

"I find myself reaching for my iPad before I go to bed because it gives me peace of mind to folder all of my transactions. It's one last thing that I can check off my to-do list before catching some Zzzs."

- Debbie Wissel, director of planning services

LearnVest Planning Services is a registered investment adviser and subsidiary of LearnVest, Inc. that provides financial plans for its clients. Information shown is for illustrative purposes only and is not intended as investment advice. Please consult a financial adviser for advice specific to your financial situation. The individuals interviewed in this piece are employees of LearnVest Planning Services. LearnVest Planning Services and any third parties listed in this message are separate and unaffiliated and are not responsible for each other’s products, services or policies.


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