Will Online Cable TV Become a Reality in 2014?

Will Online Cable TV Become a Reality in 2014?

We hear it from our readers all the time: More and more people are cutting the cable cord to pare down their monthly expenses.

The availability of inexpensive subscription services like Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon—which allow you to stream unlimited content for a couple of bucks a month—make it seem like you're not missing out on much by ditching traditional TV.


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Finally, cable companies are getting wise to the fact that they need to jump on the streaming bandwagon—or be left in the dust.

MSN Money reports that Viacom C.E.O. Philippe Dauman hinted there's a strong chance that streaming cable via the internet—a.k.a. over-the-top service–could premiere in the next year or so. Market watchers also speculate that Verizon, which has the mobile rights to primetime NFL games, would be first in line to offer such services.

Verizon already provides about 25 channels of on-the-go online streaming (on tablets and smartphones outside the home) to its subscribers, although they don't include broadcast networks or many of the most popular cable channels.

A source close to the industry discussion told The New York Post that once the first cable streaming service is introduced, the rest of the cable giants will likely follow suit. The ensuing competition could drive down the price of cable content—good news for the consumers who haven't yet given cable the ax.


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