Take the Saving for 2014 Challenge (The Prize Is $250!)

Take the Saving for 2014 Challenge (The Prize Is $250!)

We're all about saving. Saving time, saving effort—and most of all, saving money.

But just plain "saving" isn't nearly as satisfying as socking away funds for a goal, whether it's a comfortable emergency fund of three to nine months of net income, college tuition for your two-year-old or a few extra bucks for holiday gifts.


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In fact, a recent survey by SaveUp found that most people are saving toward one of five goals: a new car, a gift for someone, a vacation, a new computer or a new phone.

Whether these are the goals on your horizon or you have something else in mind, LearnVest can help you plan for the things you want--in our free Money Center, you can set a savings goal and track every penny of your progress. Through our Action Program, offered through LearnVest Planning Services, we provide financial plans, where a Certified Financial Planner™ works to help you get the most out of your money.

So with the new year fast approaching, for this month's challenge, we want to know: What will you be saving for in 2014? And what's your plan to reach that goal?

Once you post your story in the comments below, you’ll be entered to win $250! And be sure to use your email address when you comment—it won’t be visible to other users—so we can notify you if you win.


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