15 Buzzy Gifts Everyone Will Want This Holiday Season

gift guideIt’s a recurring holiday scenario: You’re standing in the middle of a crowded department store right before the holidays, frozen with panic about whether to hit the electronics aisle or the toy section first.

You’re trying to remember what was supposed to be the next Tickle-Me Elmo or gold iPhone, while strategizing how to get to it before the maddening crowd descends.

Scavenging that perfect It Gift can be one of the most stressful parts of the season. But it doesn’t have to be, which is why we reached out to top consumer experts for their carefully curated picks for the 15 best and buzziest holiday finds for 2013.

And since we all have different amounts that we wish to spend, our experts dug up items at three price points—$25 or under, $50 or under and $100 or under—so that no matter your budget, there’s a gift worth giving for everyone from the techie to the foodie in your life.

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